Old Picture of Me

This is day 8 of the 31 day challenge

WARNING: This blog is going to run off topic so fast you are going to need a seatbelt. Buckle up, here we go!
So the topic was find an old photo of myself and tell about it. Well, I did half. This is me at age nine. I was going through a tom boy phase. 

Are you buckled in ?

I chose this one because I have the same smile as my grandson who just turned nine. That child owns my heart.

Before he was born, I didn’t get the grandma thing . Serious, these people finally get their kids out of the house and now all they can talk about is other kids. And don’t get me started on pictures! I looked at one to be nice and they wanted to show me a hundred more.

Then my grandson came along. I get it now. But it is different because I have the smartest most handsome ( he thinks he is too old to be called cute. Adorable , right?) grandson ever.

All the grandmas are nodding. Everyone else don’t get it.

So if you see me in public, I will show you pictures of his amazing smile. All two hundred of them.

Tomorrow is Tango Talk Tuesday! 



Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

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