This is day nine of the 31 day challenge.

Surprisingly, I do have two tattoos. I got the first one ten years ago at the age of 42. I went through my mid life crisis and my divorce at the same time and getting a tattoo seemed like a great idea. I got a treble sign (my real name is Melody) and my future ( now current) last name. It hurt and I said never again.

When our youngest daughter turned 18, my two daughters decided to get matching tattoos. I still don’t know how I got talked into one too. I do love that the three of us have the cupcakes and I smile when I think of us getting them together.

Do I want another? I say no, but I do know a couple I like. The miscarriage one is really special. I also like the autism puzzle piece . Will I get either? Probably not.

Starting this Saturday, I am trying out a new feature. Stitching Saturday. It will be about knitting and crocheting.

Tuesday will still be Tango Talk.



Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

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