Stupid Questions We Ask Our Pets

All pet owners do it. We talk to our pets and even ask questions.

  1. “Who’s a good girl?”
  2. ” Do you want a snack?”
  3. “Which shoes should Mommy wear?” (Don’t shave your legs, and no one will notice your shoes) 
  4. “Do you want a bath?” (Trust me, the answer is NO)
  5. “Do you want out of the cage?” (No, I love being trapped in here)
  6. “Are you going to be good if I let you out?” (Define “good”)
  7. Where is your sister?” (Not my day to watch her.)
  8. Who made this mess?”

Italic remarks are answers my pets give.

What do you ask your pets? If I get enough comments, I will do a part 2.



Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

4 thoughts on “Stupid Questions We Ask Our Pets

  1. Should Mummy go sleep in her own room or stay here?
    How did that snuggle sack get over there?
    Who tore the wallpaper off the wall?
    How did you break your tooth?
    Who wants some fresh grass?
    Why do you have to take food from your sister when there is a pile of 10 leaves of kale?
    Why do the 3 of you have to eat from the 1 leaf of silverbeet when there is a leaf each?
    Why are you sleeping in the hay instead of in your snuggle sack?
    No, that isn’t food it is my finger/toe.
    I have 14 guinea pigs split into 3 duos, 1 trio & 1 quintet (5) in a large downstairs bedroom. The group of 5 always have to steal each others food. 🙂


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