The Scout Report : Introduction 

This is the start of a series on my baby guinea pig, Scout. He has come such a long way!

I went to the pet store to pick up supplies for my three female guinea pigs and my rabbit. As I passed by the guinea pigs, I glanced in and saw this little piggy with impossible crazy fur showing off. 

I stopped and talked to him and he ran all over the cage. I assumed he was just bored, and walked away. This other lady walked up to talk to him and he just laid down. I thought he must be tired, but when I came back by, he went crazy again. 

Remember, I have three females. I don’t need a male. I asked the worker if he could check and make sure the piggy was male. (Pet stores are notorious for making mistakes sexing baby guinea pigs.) We found out the piggy was indeed male, but not before the worker got bit.  Have I mentioned, I don’t need a male piggy? The lady from before wanted to hold him, but the piggy bit her as she tried to take him.

I left the store. All the way home my husband reminded me of how we don’t have room for another pig, or a cage, and about our three girls. I couldn’t stop crying. I called the store. The pig was still there.

Back to the store we went. I found another worker who reached in for my baby boy. Scout, named on the way back to the store, struck like a snake. The staff was not happy.  They did not want to sell him. Scout had now drew blood three times. I insisted and they made me sign papers saying that I knew he was a biter.

That is how Scout chose us and has been playing us ever since.

Check back to see how Scout went from a biter to my sweet boy.


Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

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