The Scout Report Part 1 : The Biting Days

This is part one. There is a previous introduction

We get home and the biting continued. Scout bit my husband once and bit me several times a day. Every time I fed him or put my hand in the cage for any reason, he would strike like a snake. I started wearing gloves, the thick kind.
After a while of glove wearing, I was in a hurry and just reached in. He made a dash for my hand and in the voice used for small children and pets, I said “Scouts don’t bite”. He stopped, looked confused, then started jumping around. This became our game.

Then I decided it was time to get him out of the cage. As I tried to lift him, he bit HARD.  I couldn’t figure this out. He knows me. 

One day while cleaning his cage, I found if I moved one mat to clean the other, he didn’t mind. Ok, maybe he doesn’t like being lifted. I got him a tunnel. He crawled in it the first time I put it in the cage. I lifted him, in the tunnel, with no problem. 

We still use the tunnel (now called the transporter ) to get him in and out.  This system works well unless he decides he doesn’t want to go back to the cage. Then he pretends not to see it.

Next Report: Scout earns privileges.


Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

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