Losing Parts of Me

Internal thoughts working their way out

It seems lately that the people that want me in their lives because I am “perfect” for them, somehow feel the need for me to change. How does this make sense? “Just this one thing” and “well, this too”.

I am just stupid enough to do it. I try to be everything to everyone. I am changing. I don’t know who I am now. I don’t know where I fit.

And to top it off, the people who want to change me, now complain I am different. ???

Where do I go?

What do I do?

Who am I?

What have I become?


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Heaven’s New Helper

Our family and the knitting/crochet world suffered a big loss this week.

Oma is my step daughter’s grandmother. I got to know her at first from picking up and dropping off my step daughter. We soon learned of our mutual love of anything knitting or crochet. She taught me so much.

One of my favorite memories is when I was trying to learn to knit in the round, a skill she did effortlessly. I was too embarrassed to admit I couldn’t figure out this seemingly easy technique. I finally gave in and almost in tears ask what I was doing wrong. Oma said “Well , let me see you do it”. I started. She gently took my knitting, turned it around so it was facing the other way, and handed it back. She smiled, and said “Now you knit in the round”.

I love you, Oma! Take a rest before you teach the angels a better way to make wings.

Help Me With My Quest

  • Ok, I want to start a new journey. I want to start selling some of my knit and crochet items.
  • I love to make dolls and stuffed animals. I also make kitchen and bath items too. So Etsy seems like the way to go with maybe some craft fairs thrown in. What are your experiences?
  • What do you think of the name Tango’s Quest?
  • What would you like to see/buy ?

Help me out, please

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Back to the Yarn

I have not written much about my knitting and crocheting lately. So the next few blogs are for my fellow yarn addicts.

The last few weeks have been challenging. The craft fair I was going to got cancelled due to family problems. My husband and I also got the flu.

I threw all my guidelines out the window. My normal rule is: only two projects at a time. I had four. I just finished one, so I am back down to three . My normally organized craft supplies are everywhere.

Now I am regaining control. I have tried a few new stitches and am looking forward to sharing those with my faithful and patient readers.

Thank you all for sticking with me. 

The Scout Report Part 3: Scout’s Anti-Cuddling Campaign

This brings us up to date with Scout.

Scout now gets a lot of floor time now. He gets to run off all his extra energy and we love to watch him run, climb, and explore.

We are now working on cuddling . Ok, we are working on it, Scout not so much. He will sit on my lap and even snuggle up to my side, but will not go for holding. 

Our goal at this point is to get him to just tolerate being held long enough to remove him from the carrier. He loves to go with us and gets real excited when we get out the car carrier. I would love to be able to reach in and take him out of it to show him off. 

So all my guinea pig readers : I need ideas! Help us out.

The Scout Report Part 2: Scout Earns Privileges

Let me start by saying that Scout is very strong willed (read : stubborn). It is one of the things I love about him. A lot of personality stuffed in his little body.

In our house, we have certain rules. One such rule is : to get floor time, piggies have to come when called. Scout decided that he was NOT going to comply .

We started out with him playing on my bed. I would sit at one end and call him. He would stare at me, chatter and go the other way. This went on for weeks.

One day, after I had pretty much decided that he was never going to get floor time, he just decided to come over when I called him. I was so shocked I almost forgot to give him excited praise. (We don’t use treats in training.)  

We worked on this a couple days and then put him on the floor. He really loved having the living room to run. 

He still comes when called, but doesn’t always volunteer to get in his tube (don’t want to go back to the cage). Honestly, I love having him out as much as he likes being out.) 

Watch for part 3 : Scout’s anti-cuddling campaign.

The Scout Report Part 1 : The Biting Days

This is part one. There is a previous introduction

We get home and the biting continued. Scout bit my husband once and bit me several times a day. Every time I fed him or put my hand in the cage for any reason, he would strike like a snake. I started wearing gloves, the thick kind.
After a while of glove wearing, I was in a hurry and just reached in. He made a dash for my hand and in the voice used for small children and pets, I said “Scouts don’t bite”. He stopped, looked confused, then started jumping around. This became our game.

Then I decided it was time to get him out of the cage. As I tried to lift him, he bit HARD.  I couldn’t figure this out. He knows me. 

One day while cleaning his cage, I found if I moved one mat to clean the other, he didn’t mind. Ok, maybe he doesn’t like being lifted. I got him a tunnel. He crawled in it the first time I put it in the cage. I lifted him, in the tunnel, with no problem. 

We still use the tunnel (now called the transporter ) to get him in and out.  This system works well unless he decides he doesn’t want to go back to the cage. Then he pretends not to see it.

Next Report: Scout earns privileges.

The Scout Report : Introduction 

This is the start of a series on my baby guinea pig, Scout. He has come such a long way!

I went to the pet store to pick up supplies for my three female guinea pigs and my rabbit. As I passed by the guinea pigs, I glanced in and saw this little piggy with impossible crazy fur showing off. 

I stopped and talked to him and he ran all over the cage. I assumed he was just bored, and walked away. This other lady walked up to talk to him and he just laid down. I thought he must be tired, but when I came back by, he went crazy again. 

Remember, I have three females. I don’t need a male. I asked the worker if he could check and make sure the piggy was male. (Pet stores are notorious for making mistakes sexing baby guinea pigs.) We found out the piggy was indeed male, but not before the worker got bit.  Have I mentioned, I don’t need a male piggy? The lady from before wanted to hold him, but the piggy bit her as she tried to take him.

I left the store. All the way home my husband reminded me of how we don’t have room for another pig, or a cage, and about our three girls. I couldn’t stop crying. I called the store. The pig was still there.

Back to the store we went. I found another worker who reached in for my baby boy. Scout, named on the way back to the store, struck like a snake. The staff was not happy.  They did not want to sell him. Scout had now drew blood three times. I insisted and they made me sign papers saying that I knew he was a biter.

That is how Scout chose us and has been playing us ever since.

Check back to see how Scout went from a biter to my sweet boy.

Why Do I Write

Honestly, when I first received this prompt , my first thought was “because I can’t draw”.

There are several reasons why I write.

  • I have always been one of those people who is good at taking a story and making it fun . (I am not the one you want to be a witness. It would take me hours to tell what I saw for two minutes).
  • I like my own spin on things. Even if something bad happens, by the time I write it, it has at least a few lighter moments.
  • I like thinking that readers enjoy a lighter version of life. 

Actually, I think it boils down to I like to talk and tell stories. By writing I can reach a lot more people than I can any other way.

By the way , I really can’t draw.

Stitchin Saturday: Myths About Knitters

Or maybe just about me

  1. You must be so patient. No. I am very impatient. I knit to keep me busy while I have to wait. ( If I did not knit while I wait, I would be that person at the window yelling” I know there are 25 people ahead of me, but I’ve waited ten minutes!)
  2. You must be organized. I am not. I looked for my favorite needles for two months before I found them. (They were in my needle box. Didn’t think to look there)
  3. You must have lots of extra time. What? Last time I checked, I only get 24 hours in a day. I have lots I need to get done, I give myself knitting breaks.
  4. You must be focused to work on a project for so long. Wrong. That is why I have so many things started. (I have reigned it in some because of the fall festivals coming up. It is hard to sell half finished items)
  5. Since you make stuff for charities, you must be selfless. Going to tell you a secret, I use it as an excuse to knit. “Sorry the house is a mess, but I was knitting scarves for our troops” (Don’t tell anyone. Let them think I am nice.)

Anyone else have myths to reveal? Send a comment. If I get enough, I’ll publish a part two