Stitchin Saturday: Myths About Knitters

Or maybe just about me

  1. You must be so patient. No. I am very impatient. I knit to keep me busy while I have to wait. ( If I did not knit while I wait, I would be that person at the window yelling” I know there are 25 people ahead of me, but I’ve waited ten minutes!)
  2. You must be organized. I am not. I looked for my favorite needles for two months before I found them. (They were in my needle box. Didn’t think to look there)
  3. You must have lots of extra time. What? Last time I checked, I only get 24 hours in a day. I have lots I need to get done, I give myself knitting breaks.
  4. You must be focused to work on a project for so long. Wrong. That is why I have so many things started. (I have reigned it in some because of the fall festivals coming up. It is hard to sell half finished items)
  5. Since you make stuff for charities, you must be selfless. Going to tell you a secret, I use it as an excuse to knit. “Sorry the house is a mess, but I was knitting scarves for our troops” (Don’t tell anyone. Let them think I am nice.)

Anyone else have myths to reveal? Send a comment. If I get enough, I’ll publish a part two 


Guinea pigs are my obsession. Knitting and crochet are my hobbies. Husband, son, two daughters, and my grandson are my life

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